Video is the most important medium in today's digital landscape.

Video content is one of the biggest drivers of high engagement. With the saturated market, it’s vital to create high-quality videos that break through the clutter, showcases your credibility and establishes your business as a subject matter expert. 

Our evergreen campaigns have increased brand awareness, driven engagement across marketing channels and converted viewers into high-quality leads. We only create highly targeted video campaigns that move customers through the buying cycle to drive sales.


How we deliver Video Content results.

At Digital Assembly, we’re constantly optimising our video campaigns and adjusting our video content strategies to ensure you’re getting the best ROI from your video investment. We consider ourselves an extension of our clients’ businesses - and when you succeed, we succeed.

1. Planning

We look at the engagement generated by the video content promoted across your marketing channels and analyse your target audience to check what motivates them to convert. With this, we’re able to develop a strategy for videos that will generate viewers and leads.

2. Improving

Having videos on your website can boost its page rankings, as users are prompted to spend more time engaging your page. This lets Google know that your site contains relevant and valuable information. We rework your current videos in line with a results-driven strategy.

3. Creating

Placing evergreen video content on your website supplements an aesthetic and multifaceted technique to engage users. We create highly-engaging video content that represents your business. We are driven to ensure each client is completely satisfied with their investment.

4. Promoting

Our carefully-assembled team of digital strategists and highly-experienced commercial filmmakers offer you the most cutting-edge techniques, creative approaches and equipment to promote your video content on the channels used by your target audience.


Kimberly Fullard, WellsGray Recruitment
We are so appreciative of the work Daniel and his team have done for our company. His personal approach is what sets him apart from other digital marketing agencies. Thank you so much for all your hard work so far team! We love working with you.


Tom McCarthy, HussetHR
Daniel and the team are a great support. They have exceeded my expectations and have become a vital part of my marketing strategy. It is refreshing to finally work with a team who know what they are doing and deliver on their promises! I have no concerns recommending Digital Assembly and do so regularly.


Laurie Bertelle, Lotus Filters
Daniel and his team at Digital Assembly have been thorough, responsive and have an understanding of our business and target audience. A pleasure to do business with.

Frequently asked questions.

How does video production work?

Our process goes like this:

  1. Consultation with the client around their marketing goals
  2. Begin script writing and casting talent
  3. Deliver initial draft and work through revisions
  4. Get film approved by the client
  5. Deliver final video and strategy for publishing

Our revisions process is key.

We believe in getting your unanimous approval on concepts and casting decisions before ever pressing record.

We’ll make it easy for your team to leave feedback on every stage of the video edit.

We will keep you updated on our progress along every step of the project.

Why is video content important?

Google loves a good user experience. Placing video content on your website supplements an aesthetic and multifaceted technique to engage users.

Videos are generally easier to digest than reading 1000 words about the same product or service and are a shareable resource to reaching a wider audience through more channels.

Not to mention, users interested in your particular product or service enjoy seeing it in action - it also provides a sense of legitimacy and trustworthiness. Where SEO is concerned,  there’s a high demand for videos in SERPs.

Having videos on your landing pages or blog can, therefore, boost its page rankings.

Video content also enables users to spend more time engaging with your page. This lets search engines like Google know that your site contains relevant and valuable information; which is what can ultimately boost your rankings on SERPs and increase traffic.

How do you measure video production success?

We measure the success of the video production by the engagement it generates from your marketing channels.

You can publish it on your website, within email signatures, share it or advertise it via social media. The options are many.

We stand by our work and we are driven to ensure each client is completely satisfied with their investment and feels their videos represent their business well.

How much does video content production cost?

This depends on a few factors:

  • How long do you want the video to be? Do you need scriptwriting?
  • How many cameras do you need?
  • Would your business require a professional videographer?
  • Where would you like the video to be shot?
  • Would the video require particular graphics or final editing?

The production of video content can vary dramatically, especially by equipment and expertise. But, this does not mean you should opt for low-quality content, as users will just bounce right back off your page; signalling to Google that your video-embedded page is not quite that relevant enough to increase page rankings.

With each industry website requiring different video content and factors to take into account, there is no fixed cost of video content production.

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What makes you different from other video production agencies?

Our carefully assembled team of digital strategists and highly-experienced commercial filmmakers offer you the most cutting-edge techniques, creative approaches, and equipment.

With the dedicated expertise of our production team, you’ll know from the very start that your video project will be gorgeous, effective, and unforgettable.

Let's talk video content.

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