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Whether you’re a start-up or an established brand, at Digital Assembly SEO agency we consider every detail to ensure your strategy works for you. Your business, industry, competitors and goals: we leave no stone unturned. Your campaign will work naturally, taking you up the rankings thanks to sound and thorough planning.

Increased brand awareness means more revenue.

The reason we spend so much time optimising client sites is because of the long term ROI of SEO. Healthy organic rankings will deliver significantly more traffic than Adwords at a fraction of the cost. Even better, the results, once achieved, will be consistent.


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Your campaign team structure.

  • dan-staff-bw

    Strategy Director

    Daniel is your go-to. He is responsible for developing and managing the campaign strategy. He is across everything in your campaign and can answer any and all questions.

  • eve-staff-bw

    SEO Director

    Eve is our SEO Director and is responsible for ensuring your campaign plan is rolled out efficiently and effectively. An SEO expert, Eve can make sense of performance data while continually optimising your campaign for success.

  • jamie-staff-bw

    SEO Analyst

    Jamie is our SEO Analyst and resident copywriter. Jamie assists Eve with the execution and implementation of all SEO strategies and specialises in custom website content creation.

  • achintha-staff-bw


    Achintha is our technical magician. He does the heavy-lifting when it comes to your website design and development. 

Our growth stories.

PridePlus Health

Consistent new patient bookings across 4 clinics.

Smaart Recruitment

Inbound client and candidate enquiries across Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide.

Qudos Recruitment

Inbound leads looking for business support staff in Melbourne.


A steady increase in function enquiries and bookings.

Our clients love us.

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Kimberly Fullard
google reviews five stars

We are so appreciative of the work Daniel and his team have done for our company. His personal approach is what sets him apart from other digital marketing agencies. Thank you so much for all your hard work so far team! We love working with you.

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Rupert Harvey

google reviews five stars

Daniel and his team were able to understand where we were in our online journey and developed a digital road map which has hugely helped our SEO, built strong SEM campaigns and enhanced our footprint in a way that we could not done without their expert help.

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Tom McCarthy

google reviews five stars

Daniel and the team are a great support. They have exceeded my expectations and have become a vital part of my marketing strategy. It is refreshing to finally work with a team who know what they are doing and deliver on their promises! I have no concerns recommending Digital Assembly and do so regularly.

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Lyn Cairns

google reviews five stars

Daniel you're a genius for not only exceeding our expectations of the results of the SEO work you're doing for us, but also because you've taken us with you on the journey of the science of SEO. Love your passion, enthusiasm and your knowledge.

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Jill Wells

google reviews five stars

Daniel and his passionate team have been integral in developing our new digital marketing strategy, having built our new website and digital marketing campaign that has resulted in attracting new clients and further candidates to our business. We are most appreciative of the fabulous work you are doing for us!

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Ben Westaway

google reviews five stars

Digital Assembly have been invaluable on our journey to creating a robust online presence and strategy. Daniel is always accessible, friendly and able to explain the complex world of online marketing in an easy to understand manner. I highly recommend Digital Assembly.

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Phoebe Kuhn

google reviews five stars

Daniel & the team at Digital Assembly are nothing short of legendary. I had an urgent problem that I was struggling to find a developer to help with and Dan & DA came in to save the day - quickly and effectively! Could not recommend highly enough!

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Helen Cooper

google reviews five stars

The team at Digital Assembly have been fantastic throughout the creation of our new website and our SEO journey. We cannot thank you enough for your great communication, attention to detail and ability to teach us all how the online marketing world works. Thanks team!

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Tim Mulholland

google reviews five stars

Daniel and the team at DA have been thoroughly helpful maximising our online potential. If you want to be walked through the dark arts of online SEO and all things Google see Dan the man!

How we deliver SEO results.

Our SEO services encompass all the vital tactics necessary to get your site ranking high on Google. With the countless components of a successful SEO strategy, our streamlined process focuses on what is important and ensures SEO success.


1. Data Analysis

We take a deep look at your historical data from sources like Google Analytics, Google Search Console and Ahrefs to get an understanding of your site’s performance. Your data illuminates the path forward.

2. Discovery Questionnaire

We utilise a thorough onboarding questionnaire which gathers important insights about your business, customers and website only you can provide. These insights give us an understanding of your business quickly and efficiently.

3. Competitor Analysis

We use a bunch of third party software to analyse your competition and gauge what’s working and what isn’t. This assists the creation of an effective SEO strategy and the tactics to focus on.

4. Liftoff Meeting

Once we’ve collated your data, insights and competitor analysis we have a final kickoff call to audit everything before we begin to create the complete strategy for your campaign. From there we’re good to go.


1. Technical Audit

By running an extensive technical audit we find key site issues create a prioritised list of errors for our team of SEO specialists to fix. Once completed your site is now built to rank on Google.

2. Website Quality Audit

Our website quality audit is a report that assesses the quality of every page of your site based on factors related to Google’s quality score. It provides us with specific actions we can take to improve your ranking.

3. Keyword Research

Identifying the correct keywords is vital to the success of any search campaign. We target qualified keywords for every page of your site and cross check them against your leading competitors.

4. On Page Updates

After identifying your keywords we get to work optimising your site to send Google signals to rank us for those targeted search terms. This is an iterative process and we’re constantly refining.


1. Technical Updates

Most agencies will sign up clients then provide them a long list of items to fix. Not us. We have the resources to execute all these changes for you which speeds up the process for us and streamlines it for you.

2. Keyword Gap Analysis

Our gap analysis reveals your competitors most valuable keywords which you’re not currently ranking for. With this data we then build out new pages developed to target these keywords.

3. Content Topic Ideation

Using the keyword gap analysis we assign user “intent” to each of the keywords we’ve identified as opportunities. Search terms with “top of funnel” intent are used to build out content topics to go live on your blog.

4. New Page Development

“Bottom of funnel” (i.e. purchase intent) keywords from the gap analysis are used to build out new landing pages on your website. Our web designers will mockup new pages to publish on your site.


1. Link Prospecting

Content is still king. After creating great content, the next step is to identify high-value link prospects. Our link prospecting specialists will identify a range of potential link opportunities to chase.

2. Link Outreach

Once we have our pool of link prospects our outreach specialists will begin to make contact, negotiate and confirm links to your site. This is a crucial part of increasing your domain authority and subsequent rankings.

3. Manual Content Promotions

We then leverage your new content and links by promoting them manually. Tactics like comment marketing, guest posting, PR, and social media promotion can help to get more exposure to your content.

4. Influencer Campaigns

Targeting key influencers applicable to your industry can have a huge impact on your SEO efforts. They’ve already nurtured your audience, have their attention and the platform to reach them.


1. Reporting

From the onset of your campaign you’ll receive access to our Insights reporting platform. Here you can view real-time data on keyword rankings, traffic, conversions as well as other valuable business intelligence.

2. Ongoing Adjustments

SEO is an ongoing process and sometimes strategies to need to be tweaked along the way. We’re continuously evaluating your data to understand and develop next steps to continue SEO success.

3. Supplementary Channels

Bringing other complimentary channels into the mix to boost your overall marketing and SEO performance. Our team will make tailored recommendations based on your business and industry.

4. Rinse & Repeat

At this point we’ve delivered significant ranking improvements, organic traffic growth and conversion leading to revenue. Next steps are more of the same to ensure continued organic success.

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