Pay-Per-Click (PPC)
Customised PPC Solutions That Deliver Real ROI For Your Brand.

Digital Assembly is channel agnostic PPC agency. Instead of offering a one-size-fits-all solution to PPC management, we create custom solutions. Through a thorough analysis of the marketing landscape, your competitors, and what’s working in your industry, we develop customized PPC solutions tailored to your business that will deliver results and drive ROI.

PPC Campaigns That Think Bigger Than Adwords.

PPC is synonymous with Adwords—but in reality, it’s so much more. Our comprehensive PPC solutions encompass multiple channels (including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube) that get your brand in front of more potential customers, driving engagement and ROI.

PPC Campaigns That Think Bigger Than Adwords.

PPC is synonymous with Adwords—but in reality, it’s so much more. Our comprehensive PPC solutions encompass multiple channels (including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube) that get your brand in front of more potential customers, driving engagement and ROI.

How We Deliver Results

At Digital Assembly, we’re constantly optimising client campaigns and adjusting our strategies to ensure you’re getting the best ROI from your PPC campaigns. We consider ourselves an extension of our clients’ businesses—and when you succeed, we succeed.

1. Data Analysis

By taking a thorough look at any past or present PPC campaigns we can hit the ground running. This historical data will save us valuable time and money and allow us to run with what has been working and leaving what doesn’t.

2. Discovery Questionnaire

We utilise a thorough onboarding questionnaire which gathers important insights about your business, customers and website only you can provide. These insights give us an understanding of your business quickly and efficiently.

3. Competitor Analysis

By analysing your key competition, the targeting they’re employing and the call-to-actions they’re utilising we can build effective ads from the get-go. We aim to generate quality leads from week one.

4. Liftoff Call

Once we’ve built out your new campaign we’ll give you access to our reporting platform so you can follow the campaign along with us. We’ll then arrange a call to discuss what you can expect moving forward.

1. Creatives

We continually keep abreast of which creatives are performing and push more budget to those delivering leads. A second component of this is continuing to A/B test by developing variations of top performing creatives optimising relentlessly.

2. Ad Copy

The next vital step in any successful PPC campaign is building out and continually A/B testing an array of ad copy developed to get clicks. Compelling calls-to-action and levering your point-of-difference here is crucial.

3. Landing Pages

Where necessary we will assist with reworking existing pages or developing new pages altogether in an effort to improve your the conversion of your PPC campaign. Getting the click is the first hurdle, converting it is the next.

4. Budget Optimisations

Another crucial piece of the puzzle is managing the budget dedicated to the campaign. Depending on your goals we can bid for clicks, impressions, conversions and much more. We do what works for your business.

1. Reporting

From the onset of your campaign you’ll receive access to our Insights reporting platform. Here you can view real-time data on all KPI’s including but not limited to conversions, clicks, impressions, click-through-rate and more.

2. Ongoing Adjustments

Though PPC campaigns can deliver immediate results the real value is in the long term as we continuously evaluate your results and optimise to deliver more bang for your marketing buck. We will work tirelessly to deliver a higher ROI month-on-month.

3. Supplementary Channels

Bringing other complimentary channels into your marketing mix will boost your your PPC campaign and your overall digital performance. Our team will make tailored recommendations based on your business and industry.

4. Rinse & Repeat

At this point the campaign is consistently delivering leads which generate revenue. Next steps are more of the same to ensure continued ROI success and help you reach all your business growth goals.
What Our Clients Say

Daniel and his passionate team at Digital Assembly have been integral in developing our new digital marketing strategy, having assisted with WellsGray's new website and digital marketing strategy that has resulted in attracting new clients and further candidates to our business. We are most appreciative of the fabulous work you are doing for us ! Keep up the great work Daniel !
Jill Wells
Jill Wells
05:13 09 Nov 18
Daniel and the team are a great support. They have exceeded my expectations and have become a vital part of my marketing strategy. It is refreshing to finally work with a team who know what they are doing and deliver on their promises! I have no concerns recommending Digital Assembly and do so regularly. Great work Digital Assembly.
Tom McCarthy
Tom McCarthy
11:33 24 Oct 18
Daniel & the team at Digital Assembly are nothing short of legendary. I had an urgent problem that I was struggling to find a developer to help with and Dan & DA came in to save the day - quickly and effectively! Thank you so much for your amazing communication and attention to detail in helping to launch my brand with an incredible website. Could not recommend highly enough!
Phoebe Kuhn
Phoebe Kuhn
04:28 24 Oct 18
People comment how good my website is; thank you Digital Assembly.
John Cotton
John Cotton
03:18 17 Oct 18
Daniel and his team at Digital Assembly have been thorough, responsive and they have an understanding of our business and target audience . A pleasure to do business with .
Laurie Bertelle
Laurie Bertelle
00:54 05 Oct 17
Digital Assembly have been invaluable on our journey to creating a robust online presence and strategy. Daniel is always accessible, friendly and able to explain the complex world of online marketing in an easy to understand manner. I highly recommend Digital Assembly.
Ben Westaway
Ben Westaway
23:11 04 Jun 17
Daniel you're a genius for not only exceeding our expectations of the results of the SEO work you're doing for us, but also because you've taken us with you on the journey of the science of SEO . We've learned heaps from you and thank you for your patience with us. A pleasure to deal with. Love your passion, enthusiasm and your knowledge.
Lyn Cairns
Lyn Cairns
07:14 24 May 17
Daniel and the team at DA have been thoroughly helpful maximising our online potential. If you want to be walked through the dark arts of online SEO and all things Google see Dan the man!
Tim Mulholland
Tim Mulholland
01:25 20 Mar 17
Daniel and his team were able to understand where we were in our online journey and has provided a comprehensive digital road map which has hugely helped our organic SEO, developed strong SEM campaigns with great results and enhanced our digital footprint in a way that we could not done without their expert help.
Rupert Harvey
Rupert Harvey
04:35 10 Aug 16
Just A Few Reasons To Work With Us

Performance Guarantee

We guarantee we’ll outperform any existing marketing campaigns within 4 months or we’ll work for free until we do.

Complete Transparency

We provide our clients with complete end of month work reports detailing completed work, work-in-progress and next steps.

Real-Time Reporting

Our omni-channel reporting platform allows you to follow your campaign live from anywhere – 24/7.

Custom Strategies

Utilising a consultative approach we develop tailored strategies that achieve our client’s goals and exceed expectations.

No Lock-in Contracts

We don’t need long term contracts to show you our worth. We accept 30 days notice at any stage of your campaign.


Over 40 years of collective experience successfully working with businesses to drive revenue.
Businesses Whose Revenue We’ve Grown

Frequently Asked Questions

The benefit of PPC campaigns is that we can generate results almost immediately. From day one you’re getting traffic and generating contact to your business. The longer you run your campaign, the more we can optimise it and get more from your marketing spend month-on-month.

There are a number of metrics we can look at to ascertain how successful a campaign is. The most important metric we follow is conversions. Be that in the form of phone calls, emails, form submissions or cart checkouts. We look at your business and work towards what matters to you and your business goals.

Many PPC agencies use a the same carbon copy approach to deliver just-satisfactory results. Satisfactory is too vanilla for us. We aim to go above and beyond your expectations and achieve this by building out completely custom PPC strategies for your business and goals. Couple this with our constant optimisation techniques and your campaign will be delivering quality traffic and consistent leads in no time.

Claim Your Free PPC Strategy Session

We’ll provide an analysis of your industry landscape and valuable insights based on what PPC ads your key competitors are running and ways you can beat them at their own game.